(Robert Hass)

Image of delight,
Or longing,
Or torment,

Depending on who's
Doing the imagining.

* * *

"I think it's because we never existed inside time."

* * *


or somehow, and today we --

I. Or, perhaps, to be grateful is to take a step back, sweep the floor, sip coffee, stop counting days.

II. Somehow, I convinced myself that I was no longer reading at the rate I used to. Not counting nonfiction, or books read to write my book, or John Gottman. Counting all these, I've probably read nearly 25 books in the last two months. It seems to be a chronic condition; figuring out what counts and what does not.

III. And, there is something alluring about "just keep doing what you are doing and you'll be fine" -- but, what does it really mean to commit to a pace, to not up ante, to hold, hold, hold?

IV. Today, after a walk in the sun -- in 60-degree-crisp-air sun through Morningside Park, in sun peeking through the shade of trees thick with new growth, in sun that casts the sky as a painful, lonely blue -- I came back inside, glanced down at Jack, and saw that his bandana was glowing. All the tiny white bones, a bright green. He has had a glow-in-the-dark bandana for almost a week without me noticing.

V. We didn't know the color of 5:30am. Now we do.


noon // midnight

or, it may not be possible to love someone more.

(May 3-5, 2013: Huckleberry Point // Overlook Mountain)


On cornflakes and clitoridectomies

(photos by Dr. Frank Corigliano and me)

Dr. Charles Silverstein came to my LGBT(Q) Issues in Psychology and Education course today. The event was also the first colloquium hosted by the SWGProject. So fortunate to live in a city where the founding editor of the Journal of Homosexuality can just pop for a guest lecture.


It is not so cold anymore, part II.

Tanaka Atsuko, Electric Dress, 1956

it grows 
warmer, still.


on the construction of family and the shedding of phobias

"But is it enough, then, that the signs of a language constitute a statement  if they were produced (articulated, drawn, made, traced) in one way or another, if they appeared for a moment of time and in a point in space, if the voice that spoke them or the gesture that formed them gave them the dimensions of a material existence?"
- the archaeology of knowledge


How to Survive a Plague, 3/13/2013 @ Cowin Auditorium

Me, David France, Dr. Perry Halkitis, Dr. Riddhi Sandil
Kick off event for Sexuality, Women, and Gender in Education and Psychology
200+ people in attendance; tears, laughter, and graciousness from the community.
Photo by TC student A.E.